The Beats For Love 2024 Festival is a cashless festival and it is not possible to pay inside the venue other than by cashless payment methods (see point 2). Cash payments are only possible via a PrePaid card (a card issued by the Beats For Love festival organiser charged for cash or cashless (see point 3.).

The introduction of cashless is mainly aimed at reducing payment processing times. This will result, for example, in shorter queues at refreshment stands or ATMs. Other important benefits include the convenience of cashless payments and their security.

The general partner of the festival and the partner of the cashless introduction is the bank ČSOB, together with VISA, which ensure the safe and functional flow of cashless payments. For more information about CSOB and VISA and the benefits for their clients, please see point 4.


All payments in the festival area will be handled in cashless mode. All services, from refreshments to advance services, will be provided only within the cashless system. According to the results of the questionnaire survey, more than 80% of Beats for Love festival visitors prefer this method of payment.

As it is an open-loop cashless system, festival visitors will be able to pay as comfortably as they are used to in everyday life. Almost all common cashless payment methods will be available, such as conventional debit and credit cards, mobile phones and smartwatches.

All vendors at the festival will only use specially marked point-of-sale terminals that will accept payment via regular Visa and Mastercard. In case the terminal does not accept payment cards for any reason, it is possible to use the so-called PrePaid cards (see point 3.)


3.1. Key information on prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are an alternative payment method in a cashless system. These cards will be available for purchase at the festival grounds for 100 CZK. These cards will be valid only during the festival and on the festival venue.

The advantages of prepaid cards include, for example, that they can be bought and charged (prepaid) via cash or other cashless payment (card, mobile, watch, etc.). Prepaid cards can be used for payment at all terminals within the Beats for Love 2024 cashless system.

These cards are anonymous, as is the associated digital wallet. No personal data will be collected in relation to these cards and payments made with them.

3.2. Card purchase, digital wallet and card balance

Prepaid cards can only be charged up to EUR 150 (i.e. CZK 3,600) according to Act No. 253/2008 Coll. When purchasing a prepaid card, the cardholder will receive a printed receipt with a unique QR code and instructions for accessing the digital wallet detail page associated with the card. The receipt with the QR code should be kept carefully! Without the unique QR code, you will not be able to access the digital wallet or request a refund of the remaining credit.

Visitors can access the digital wallet by scanning the QR code from the receipt or by entering their access details on the site (see instructions on the receipt). In the virtual wallet, the visitor will see the current credit balance, information about the recharge limit, individual payments, including their receipts, as well as instructions for requesting a credit refund to the prepaid cardholder’s bank account.

The cardholder can also check the balance on the prepaid card by looking at the receipt from the last payment. The current credit balance will be shown on the receipt for each payment made with the prepaid card.

3.3. Debit card balance refund after the end of the festival

According to the current legislation (Act No. 253/2008 Coll.), it is only possible to pay out up to EUR 50 (i.e. CZK 1,200). In exceptional cases, the festival organisers may issue the entire remaining amount on a prepaid card. 

The refund of the remaining credit is possible in the following way:

After the festival, you can submit a refund request in the virtual wallet using the QR code you received when you purchased the prepaid card. The festival will process the request within 60 days of receipt of the request.If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact

4. Benefits for clients of ČSOB Bank

The general partner of this year’s Beats for Love is the bank ČSOB. It is preparing a number of benefits for existing and new customers, which they can benefit from during the festival and beyond. Directly at the festival, they can take advantage of events offered within the ČSOB Zone and the VIP ČSOB Zone for the bank’s clients. During the festival, the virtual assistant Kate, who ČSOB clients may know from their mobile app, will be helpful.

Clients can also take advantage of special rewards of up to CZK 1,000 and Internet Risk Insurance for 1 year free of charge with a newly opened account at ČSOB.The reward is paid out on an approximately weekly frequency after meeting all the conditions listed below.

The conditions that a new client must meet in order to receive a special reward:

  • Arrange an account online, over the phone or at a local customer service (smartphone required).
  • Pay at least 5 times a month by card in a shop or online for 2 following months (the client will receive 2 x 500 CZK)
  • Activate the Internet Risk Insurance in the ČSOB Smart mobile application for one year free of charge 

This offer is valid until June 30, 2024

During the festival, ČSOB clients can also use the so-called digital payment card, which they can easily generate themselves in the ČSOB Smart banking application.

After opening a new current account in the ČSOB Smart application, the virtual card belonging to that account is available within about 2 minutes. The client needs to manually activate it in the ČSOB Smart app and then add it via the Smart app to the Apple Pay or Google Pay virtual wallet.