Hi to all the Beats for Love fans!

I would like to comment on yesterday’s press conference (30.4.2020) of the Czech government and on the information that were said. I would love to give you the definitive statement from our side, but unfortunately the information that major festivals are canceled for this summer was only given in the form of a statement by the Minister of Culture, which is not legally binding yet.

The official Government Decree does not regulate as of now the situation of summer festivals as per yesterday’s press conference. Despite all of this, we continue to actively communicate with the Ministry of Culture and the FESTAS association and strive to obtain a complete and legally based decree. After that we will immediately give you the definitive and final statement.

We apologize that we can’t inform definitely now, but the current situation and the latest information are not completely legible for us and this is not official decision of the Government of the Czech Republic, which we are still waiting for.

We need a binding statement from the government for many reasons. For example regarding the contracts with performers or suppliers, we can‘t cancel them just because we feel like to. We need to have it canceled by the governement because otherwise we would be in danger of sanctions and large financial losses (for example losses of fees that have already been paid) and this would hit the festival even more. The managements of foreign artists want a binding statement of the Czech government in the event of a postponement.

Of course, we are solving the variant that we would be forced to move the festival with complete line-up for next year and we are in touch with the management of all artists. We already have a promise from the majority of them that they will accept a postpone their performance for the next year.

Thank you very much for your patience!

Kamil Rudolf & Beats for Love crew