The biggest dance music festival in the heart of Europe will open its gates on Wednesday July 3rd 2019 at 14:00. Fans of a dance music can expect 4 days full of performances by foreign and Czech DJs, artists and performers who will perform on 14 stages in the area of Lower Vitkovice. This year promises the greatest number of headliners and the strongest line up in a history of the festival. Even this year there will be a rich accompanying program.

Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Claptone, Alle Farben, Sven Väth, Robin Schulz, Netsky, The High Contrast Band, Wilkinson a other 400 artists from all around the world will perform this year. You can find all the artists here

As always, visitors can look forward to an accompanying program that is full of news this year. For the first time, the festival will include a discussion forum called Beats Evolution Conference. These are thematic panel discussions with diverse speakers from the Czech Republic and abroad (including some festival headliners such as Delinquent Habits or Chocolate Puma) who will present the musical world and life in it from different angles. The topics will include backstage of festivals, artist-fan relationship, the role of drugs on the dance scene, etc. In addition to traditionally popular activities such as beer pong, spray and parkour art, face painting or table footballs, this year's newbie is DJ school. Within this activity, festival visitors can try DJ art and music tricks on the latest DJ machines. There are also regular yoga classes and HIV testing in collaboration with the “Pleasure without Risk” health organization. The good news is that there will be a non-stop locker room, the possibility of charging phones and four ATMs to withdraw cash.

The festival will also include the Czechoslovak semi-finals and finals of the IDA WORLD 2019, an international DJ competition. The DJs will compete in the categories of Show, Scratch and Technique. The finalists will play at the main ING Love stage festival. An unusual musical project you can look forward to is a collaboration with two physically handicapped DJs who will perform at an Excelent stage at the very beginning of the festival. Last but not least, the festival has, as usually, a charity overlap. There will be a public collection to support a six-year-old Emma Plačková, who suffers from burns and post-traumatic brain damage, and twenty-three-year-old Honzík Kuňák, who has cerebral palsy, quadriparesis, and eye defects. The money raised will help to reimburse rehabilitation and special spa stays and treatments in the case of Emma, in the case of Honzík he will use the money to purchase a mechanical wheelchair, a mattress or an assistant.


First, visit one of the cash desks that will be ready for you and buy either a one-day ticket or an entire festival ticket - an identification wristband that will be attached to your hand. Then go to the main entry that will be marked. Here, after a professional security check, you will be admitted to the festival area.

If you have a ticket purchased in advance, then go straight to the main entrance that will be marked. Here you will exchange your ticket for the identification bracelet and then, after checking the professional security service, you will be admitted to the festival area.

It is possible to exchange a 4-day ticket to the festival for a wristband before the festival starts, from 29.6. do 2.7. at 10:00 - 20:00 on the first floor of Forum Nová Karolina (on the large stairs and information stand). The wristbands are put on a hand immediately, so you can't pick up the wristband for someone else. From 3.7. to 6.7. the strapping will only take place at the festival from 10:00 on the main entrance.

Online: / Store:

Festival ticket (4 days): 1350,- + seller’s fee
Wednesday: 690,- + seller’s fee
Thursday: 690,- + seller’s fee
Friday: 690,- + seller’s fee
Saturday: 690,- + seller’s fee
VIP ticket (4 days) – 5th wave: 3500,- + seller’s fee


Festival ticket (4 days): 1500,-
Wednesday: 800,-
Thursday: 800,-
Friday: 800,-
Saturday: 800,-
VIP ticket (4 days): 4000,- 


Love camp is in close proximity to the Industrial Park of Lower Vitkovice. The camp will have mobile dry toilets, as well as ladies' and men's showers. You will be able to buy food, drinks and sanitary products at the Love camp or connect to the electricity. Love camp will also include a Love camp pub, which, like the shops, will operate nonstop. All this guarantees the visitors a great comfort of accommodation. Love camp opens up on Tuesday 2.7. at 15:00. You can only enter Love camp with a valid wristband of this camp and in combination with a festival wristband. Visitors with the Love village wristband will also be able to get to the Love Camp.


Love village has a new location this year (directly behind the main ING Love stage - see the map of the area), which will have its own bathrooms, that will be free for visitors of Love Village. Love village is sold out. Love village opens up on Tuesday 2.7. at 15:00. You can only enter Love Village with a valid wristband of this camp and in combination with a festival wristband. Only those accommodated in Love Village will be allowed to enter.

Online: / Store:

person / 4 days: 290,- + seller’s fee
tent / 4 days: 340,- + seller’s fee
caravan / 4 days: SOLD OUT


person / 4 days: 350,- + seller’s fee
tent / 4 days: 400,- + seller’s fee
caravan / 4 days: SOLD OUT

WARNING: Cars are prohibited from entering the campsite!

Opening hours of Love camp & Love village:

02.07.2019 Tuesday -    15:00 – OPENING TIME
03.07.2019 Wednesday -    NON-STOP
04.07.2019 Thursday -    NON-STOP
05.07.2019 Friday -    NON-STOP
06.07.2019 Saturday -    NON-STOP
07.07.2019 Sunday -    12:00 – CLOSING TIME


For visitors with cars: there is a regulated parking lot close to the entrance to the festival area. But the parking lot is SOLD OUT. The list of parking areas can be found on our website in the INFORMATION section.


During the music festival, Ostrava’s Public Transport will strengthen the tram transport through the interconnected lines from the Dolní Vítkovice Hlubina stop in the direction of the city center, to Výškovice and Dubina. Visitors can also buy a discounted festival ticket for DPO (Ostrava’s Public Transport) for 220 CZK, which will be valid from 1.-7.7. 2019. You can find all the information about this ticket HERE.

Night from July 3rd to 4th 2019

Direction to Výškovice: 23:33, 23:53, 0:13, 0:33, 0:53
Direction to Dubina: 23:43, 0:03, 0:23, 0:43
Direction to Hlavní nádraží: 23:27, 23:41, 23:51, 0:01, 0:11, 0:21, 0:31, 0:41, 0:51

Night from July 4th to 5th 2019 / from July 5th to 6th 2019  / from July 6th na 7th 2019

Direction to Výškovice:  02:13, 02:33, 02:53, 03:13, 03:33, 03:53, 04:13, 04:33
Direction to Dubina: 02:03, 02:23, 02:43, 03:03, 03:23, 03:43, 04:03, 04:23
Direction to Hlavní nádraží: 02:01, 02:11, 02:21, 02:31, 02:41, 02:51, 03:01, 03:11, 03:21, 03:31, 03:41, 03:51, 04:01, 04:11, 04:21, 04:31


During the music festival, Czech Railways will strengthen the train service with additional connections by interconnected trains from Ostrava-střed in the direction of Návsí, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí and Opava.

Throughout the days from July 4th to 7th 2019, these are the added connections:

2:13 departure from the stop Ostrava střed
in the direction to Havířov, Český Těšín, Návsí arrival 3:11

2:16 departure from the stop Ostrava střed
in the direction to Frýdek-Místek, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí arrival 2:59

2:10 departure from the stop Ostrava střed
in the direction to Ostrava Svinov, Háj ve Slezsku, Opava arrival 2:59


Artists accreditation, representatives of media, technicians, workers and guests/winners of various competitions will be located on Ruská Street see the festival map (other than the main entrance for visitors). Accreditation will be open from Friday June 26th (accreditation opening hours below). If you have won a ticket (winners from magazines, radios, websites, etc.) you will be accredited right here. VIP accreditation and VIP entrance are also from Ruská street (see festival map “VIP ACREDITATION”).

Opening hours of accreditation:

28.06.2019 Friday    -    08:00 - 16:00
29.06.2019 Saturday    -    08:00 - 16:00
30.06.2019 Sunday    -    08:00 - 16:00
01.07.2019 Monday    -    08:00 - 16:00
02.07.2019 Tuesday    -    08:00 - 18:00
03.07.2019 Wednesday    -    07:00 - 23:00
04.07.2019 Thursday    -    14:00 - 02:00
05.07.2019 Friday    -    14:00 - 02:00
06.07.2019 Saturday    -    14:00 - 02:00

Opening hours of VIP accreditation:

03.07.2019 Wednesday    -    12:00 - 23:00
04.07.2019 Thursday    -    16:00 - 02:00
05.07.2019 Friday    -    16:00 - 02:00
06.07.2019 Saturday    -    16:00 - 02:00


Buyouts in the festival area (see festival map):

03.07.2019 Wednesday    -    16:00 - 00:00
04.07.2019 Thursday    -    18:00 - 04:00
05.07.2019 Friday    -    18:00 - 04:00
06.07.2019 Saturday    -    18:00 - 04:00

Buyout outside the festival area by the main entrance (see festival map):

04.07.2019 Thursday    -    10:00 - 16:00
05.07.2019 Friday    -    10:00 - 16:00
06.07.2019 Saturday    -    10:00 - 16:00
07.07.2019 Sunday    -    03:00 - 13:00


Entry to the festival is permitted for people over the age of 18. People aged 16 and 17 can only attend the festival if accompanied by a person over the age of 18. The sale of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes is strictly forbidden to visitors under 18!


BEATS FOR LOVE Festival area

03.07.2019 Wednesday    -    14:00 - 00:00
04.07.2019 Thursday    -    16:00 - 04:00
05.07.2019 Friday    -    16:00 - 04:00
06.07.2019 Saturday    -    16:00 - 04:00

Afterparty clubs Fabric Ostrava and Brickhouse

04.07.2019 Thursday    -    00:00 - ??:??
05.07.2019 Friday    -    03:00 - ??:??
06.07.2019 Saturday    -    03:00 - ??:??
07.07.2019 Sunday    -    03:00 - ??:??

CHARITY – we’re helping Emma and Honzík

This year's Beats for Love will support a six-year-old Emma Plačková, who suffers from burns and post-traumatic brain damage, and twenty-three-year-old Honzík Kuňák, who has cerebral palsy, quadriparesis, and eye defects. The money raised will help to reimburse rehabilitation and special spa stays and treatments in the case of Emma, in the case of Honzík a mechanical wheelchair, a mattress or an assistant. You can support Emma and Honza by buying a festival wristband in our Merchandise shop - the bracelet costs 30 CZK - and the whole amount goes to charity. This will make you happy not only for yourself but also for others. Thank you!


For visitors with smartphones using the Android or iOS operating system, just like last year, we have prepared a festival app. There you will find information about the festival, line up, map of the area, navigation in the area and navigation, which will lead you to the entrance to the festival. This year you can again compile your favorite line up, using the site navigation or get a push up message with important information from us!


A leaflet with a map of the area and a line-up will be available at the entrance and at other places. Losses and findings will be collected at the info booth at the entrance. Of course, there will be a rescue service available in the area, which has 6 stations this year, marked in the map of the area, and the fire patrol.


It is forbidden to bring foods, drinks, narcotics and psychotropic substances into the festival area (there will be more than 50 police officers from the national drug center with whom we will cooperate closely together) and weapons. For this reason, it will be necessary for each visitor to undergo a security check by a security service. It is important for the safety of all of us and we thank you for respecting it. (Of course, food and beverages can be delivered to Love Camp and Love Village in a reasonable amount).

Shooting with ordinary cameras and filming on mobile phones is allowed, recordings by professional technique can be made only on the basis of approved accreditation. There is a strict ban on setting fire in the whole festival area and in the parking lot. We ask visitors to keep it all clean. The festival area will not be comfortable enough and safe for dogs, so their entry into the festival grounds, Love camp and Love village is forbidden.


Even this year, after a great effort, we managed to provide mobile ATMs for all visitors of the Beats for Love festival right in the festival area. There will be four ATMs this year and you can find them on the festival map.


There are several non-stop options prepared for safekeeping valuables, backpacks and clothing for the festival visitors. FD Party Events s.r.o. company which is in charge of those lockers is responsible for the depository.


Backpacks, bags, notebooks and other objects.

The price is only for one-time storage of things

Re-access to the things is again for a fee

Dimensions: 150x100x50cm

Price: 70 CZK


Lockable boxes with own key.

A non-stop access to the box throughout the whole period of rental.

1 box has a capacity for i.e. 2 jackets and a backpack

Dimensions: 30x30x50cm

70,- / day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key
150,- / 2 day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key
200,- / 3 day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key
250,- / 4 day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key


Lockable boxes – boxes with own key and a password

100% safe even when losing a key

1 box has a capacity to put keys, IDs, papers etc.

Dimensions: 15x15x25cm


40,- / day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key
80,- / 2 day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key
110,- / 3 day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key
140,- / 4 day + 100,- CZK refundable deposit for a key


Festival visitors can charge their smartphones with our original chargers.

One-time recharge 40,- CZK/pcs
Rental of a powerbank 60,- CZK/pcs + 340,- refundable deposit
Rental of a cable 20,- CZK


There will be a enough of mobile dry toilets in the area, which will be continuously and sufficiently cleaned during the festival. Drinking water for visitors will be located in the area very close to the Gong Hall, the Blast Furnace, the main ING Love Stage and other places marked on the festival map. There will be a enough gutters.


The professional security service, which covers the largest music and non-musical festivals organized in the Czech Republic, will take care of the order and security of the festival visitors.


You can buy official clothing with the theme of Beats for Love at the sales stall in the festival area. There you can buy a festival bracelet for 30, -, the whole amount will go to support the severely handicapped Emma Plačková and Honzík Kuňák. This will make you happy not only for yourself but also for others. Thank you!


The total surface of the area is 4/5 made of asphalt / concrete / slag and 1/5 of grassy area. We recommend to all visitors quality sturdy shoes! We definitely do not recommended to come in flip flops, sandals, high heels and similar types of shoes.

In case of rain, there is a roofing for more than 16 000 visitors in the whole area and therefore we do not cancel the party in the event of rain! We recommend that everyone should take a raincoat (umbrellas are forbidden).





MOTTO aka a sweet last word

Music, summer and love are inseparable. What kind of summer would it be if it were not started by the most popular music festival that has the very symbol of love in it, and that is the beating heart. Yes - Beats for Love - a loving, unforgettable, intense and exceptional experience that can only be experienced once a year, and that is unrepeatable and beautiful. Come to us to Ostrava, to the fabulous industrial park, and experience four days of incredible nonstop dance party. Over 400 performers from all over the world on 14 stages will make sure that this summer has a peak on the first weekend in July. We are looking forward to seeing you all and to enjoying the party it together!