Pure minimalism, easy to remember and a clear symbol of love and music. That’s what describes a new brand of the Beats for Love festival. Before the seventh year, its organizers came up with a brand-new visual identity that moves the festival to the world festival brands.

Rebranding of the biggest dance festival in the heart of Europe lasted almost half a year, during which the organizers worked carefully with approximately one hundred original graphic designs. Three were 15 kinds of the favorites and about 150 of their versions.

obrázek 1


In the first stages the designers worked with more complex character referring to the industrial Lower Vitkovice, DJ headphones or equalizer. At the end simplicity and clarity has won. “We’ve decided to clearly and simply illustrate the essence of the festival which is music and love. The symbol of love, a heart, is made up of beats in the form of equalizer. Also the writing has a sense of sinusoid symbolizing music or a heartbeat,” describes Kamil Rudolf, CEO of the festival.


obrázek 2


Advantage of the new logo is the fact that it can constantly evolve according to individual and current needs. “The symbol and its individual elements can be worked really well and can be used in many different ways in 3d animations, in stage design, LED projection areas, decorations or as a print on clothing and merchandising in general”, says Filip Záruba, the logo and graphic designer.




The current color combination of the logo is set for 2019 and will change every year. With the new brand, the festival strengthens its identity on the European music scene and unifies visual communication with fans and festival partners.


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