Why you should visit Beats for Love in Ostrava

… because it is a festival situated in unique surroundings where for 180 years a raw iron was produced. Nowadays it belongs to one of three of the most visited places in the Czech Republic with architectural gems and a smart entertainment for both kids and adults.



… because if you need to cool down after an all-night of partying, you can visit the biggest natural swimming pool in the central Europe. It’s 380m long with 76 million liters of water and a hundred-meter-long water slide.




… because in Ostrava you can taste the real miners’ snack. It consists of parts from under the ground and above the ground. Simply Fernet Stock and peppermint liquor


… because in Ostrava you can enjoy the coolest views. Either from the highest town hall tower or a cafe on a blast furnace, that Usaine Bolt has christened himself.




… because you’ll learn to speak really fast in Ostrava. Rlly fst.


… because if you want to take a rest, the mountains are close. 20 minutes by train or by car right from the festival. Great hikes, the sky walk or adrenalin downhill scooter trail is waiting for you.




… because you can dive into history in Ostrava. For example, at Landek where the remains of prehistoric habitants of mammoth hunters were found and a statuette of Venus of Petrkovice, which is the only slim Venus in the world. In addition, you can have first-hand experience of going underground just like miners did back in time.




… because if you feel like it is still not enough of culture for you, you can go to the theatre. For instance ‘Komorní scéna Aréna‘ has won four times in a row the most prestigious Czech theatre title, Theatre of the Year.



… because Ostrava is a smart city thanks to contactless payment system in public transportation or the most powerful supercomputer with the power of 74 000 standard notebooks.




… because it is just three stops from Prague to Ostrava. On top of that we are close to Slovakia and Poland so you can even visit our neighboring countries.




… because you can visit one of the biggest ZOOs in the Czech Rep., which was established in 1949 as a part of a natural Park ‘Hornický sad. The area is the size of 100 hectare and is a home to more than 400 animal species. Recently it was also enlarged by three new botanical trails.



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